BRC Programs

BRC Programs


P1 - Mass Underground Mining

This program is focused on fostering 'new ways’ and ‘step-change' advances in technologies to manage engineering risks and underpin higher capacity mining in deeper frontier settings (i.e. higher stress regimes, stronger rock masses, higher temperatures and massive overburden present new challenges and where upfront capital investments potentially will be massive).

P2- Geology For Mining 

This program is directed at achieving greater efficiencies in current large scale mine operations by enhancing the understanding of ore body attributes and their impact on performance of the mine to mill chain. It is about ‘getting the right material to the mill’ and in doing so reducing double handling, energy and treatment costs and increasing productivity. Increasing production and reducing operating costs are paramount to maintain operations through inevitable lows in the mining cycle.

P3 -Engineering for Mining

This program is a new research area for the BRC and recognises that orebody data (and associated mine site data) in the near future will be as important to production as labour and capital. This is in the setting of a highly complex industrial system with a sophisticated interplay of orebody properties; plant, equipment, and human resource performance; and external social and market drivers.