P1 Mass Underground Mining

P1 Mass Underground Mining


P1 - Mass Underground Mining


Program Leader – Professor Gideon Chitombo


Providing practical solutions with a scientific basis to enable the future sustainability of large-scale underground mining.  This includes technical, economic, and license to operate issues.

Research Focus Areas

  • Can you mine safely?
  • Can you mine productively?
  • Can you make money from the mining operation?
  • Can you minimise the social and environmental impacts of the mine?


  • Tangible outcomes to mining design and operations
  • Thought leadership, new knowledge and new design tools with a scientific basis
  • Real solutions to practical (immediate and anticipated) problems experienced by mining companies


  • Collaborative work both in terms of how the work is supported and how research is undertaken. 
  • Work directly with the Program Sponsor through an executive steering committee-based structure.  
  • Methods include technical field-work focused on productivity and safety while being mindful of environmental and social impacts, modelling, large-scale laboratory work.

Current Projects (2016)

Past Projects